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Study Czech at NCCU

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Date 2020-02-10

Study Czech at NCCU
All the students at NCCU have the possibility to study Czech language. However, for students of Department of Slavic’s Czech language is their minor. The number of student of Czech language at NCCU varies every semester because of students ‘studies abroad (in Czech Republic, Poland or Russia). This semester there is over 30 talented students of Czech language.
Melissa Shih-hui Lin received her Ph.D. in General linguistics from Charles University in Prague in 2002. From 2003 to 2011, she taught at the Department of Indigenous languages and Communication at Donghwa University in Taiwan. Currently she is Associate Professor of Slavic languages and literature department at Chengchi University in Taiwan. Her research interests are sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, Czech and Taiwan indigenous languages.
Mgr. Ondřej Geppert is Czech language lecturer and exchange teacher from Palacký University in Olomouc. He is currently doing his Ph.D. there, too. He has taught at NCCU as of September 2014. From 2011 he prepared foreign students at Charles University in Prague. He is a tutor of e-learning courses for Czech language examiners and he participates on the project of Czech Students’ Corpus.

Courses : Please refer to the attached PDF. 

The main textbooks used in the courses Czech I, Czech II and Czech III are “Communicative Czech - Elementary Czech”and “Communicative Czech – Intermediate Czech”(1996) by Ivana Bednářová and Magdalena Pintarová, and also “New Czech Step by Step”(2008) and Czech Express 1-3 (2007–2014) by Lída Holá. Lessons of “Czech Conversation” use textbooks “Basic Czech I-II (2009–2012) by Ana Adamovičová & et. al. and Čeština pro život (2008) by Alena Nekovářová. 

Current Activities
6th May 2015 Day of Slavonic cuisine: come and enjoy taste of Czech cuisine. We will prepare goulash (salty dish) and noodles with poppy seeds (sweet dish). See our event at dishes at 
12th May 2015 World Food Festival: at our stand there will be garlic soup, carrot pork, goulash and honey cake. Come to main NCCU Street in from of administration building and taste it!
21st May 2015 Competition: Czech competition for students organised with support of Czech Economic and Cultural Office. Video, Logo design, Facts about Czech Republic. Prize for winners guaranteed. FB event:
30th-31st May: Slavic Camp, we will be presenting Czech culture, eat Czech meal (garlic soup, snacks etc.) and learn you dance traditional Czech folk dance – Polka.
15th July – 5th August 2015 Summer School of Slavonic Languages (Olomouc, Czech Republic): we will travel with students to the Czech Republic and will participate on Summer School in Olomouc. In addition, there will be extra trips to UNESCO cities including Prague, walks in protected landscape area and of course castle, chateaux and a baroque churches. Join our FB event to get known more!
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Like our FB page: Study Czech at NCCU and be informed about our current events or about students with their activities.

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