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Program of Slavic Studies

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Date 2020-02-10

The Program of Slavic Studies is established to orient students to internationalism and expose them to diversified language learning.
On the intellectual basis of the former Department of Russian Language and Literature, the Program of Slavic Studies include Polish and Czech modules to better prepare students for the domestic and global markets.
Ministry of Educations has funded overseas study in Poland and Czech Republic as early as 1995, but candidates were often troubled by delayed curriculum overseas due to the lack of any chance to learn Polish or Czech at NCCU. In this regard, one of the Program’s goal is to enable students an easier adjustment to overseas study by teaching the languages.


To broaden intellectual scopes and outcomes.
To prepare specialists in the Slavic languages and cultures for the job market.
To place excellent students in higher intuitions in Russia and Eastern Europe.
To facilitate intellectual and cultural exchanges with Russia and the Eastern European countries.


The program is administered by the Department and available to all NCCU students, including undergraduates, graduates in the Master’s and doctoral levels, as well as EMA students. Please note that graduates and EMA students are billed tuition based on the number of credit hours taken.
The Program is structured into Russian, Czech and Polish modules. Students must take at least 20 credit hours in one module to receive a certificate of completion. Credit hours less than 20 are deemed electives and can be used to fulfill graduation requirements.
Curriculum and credit taking requirements are set out as atteched PDF.

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