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Date 2020-11-05

In the spirit of NCCU’s motto, the Department is dedicated to creating inclusive learning communities where the development of humanitarian thinking among students is honored and nurtured , and students are enabled to be successful citizens in the global village. Additionally, the Department adheres to the goals set by the College of Foreign Languages and Literature, continuously improving the quality and scope of its academic programs, which encompass not only language training but also social, philosophical, political and economic teaching. Thus, the Department defines the following objectives:

The undergraduate program is aimed at preparing Russian and Slavic specialists, and instilling independent, expressive thinking into students. Students are encouraged to participate in holistic education in order to foster strong ties to the international community. By combining language training and practical knowledge, the Department offers programs designed to educate students of all backgrounds in this region of the world, prepares them for a wide variety of careers related to Slavic studies.

The mission of the graduate program is to expose students to substantive knowledge and scholarly research in Russian literature, linguistics and cultural studies, helping students develop critical, analytical, research and writing skills based on their language competence.

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