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International Activities

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Date 2020-11-05

In 2008, the Department joined the International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature (MAPRYAL) for a more extensive development and advancement in international exchanges and research results.

To create international diversity in terms of learning and research, the School actively seeks partnership and exchange agreements with renowned universities and institutes all over the world. Meanwhile, the Department leads the collaboration with Slavic countries and the former Soviet republics by establishing sister school partnerships with the following 29 colleges and universities.

In response to trends in globalization, the Department also actively invites visiting professors from home and abroad to broaden our international outlook and language learning aspects. Our visiting professors are as the attached PDF.

The Department encourages student participation in international learning-oriented activities. Before the School’s pursuit for internationalization, the Department had been organizing summer study-abroad schemes, as well as semester- or year-long study programs in more and more Slavic countries. Besides self-funding programs, grants are available for outgoing students. For the list of our sister schools, visit the website of the Office of International Cooperation (OIC).

Since 1995, Taiwan, the CIS, Czech Republic and Poland have offered overseas study and exchange grants for our students and graduates. The Czech has also offered a ten-month scholarship and funded Slavic summer camps since 2011, in the hope of helping our students learn the Czech language and have an easier accommodation in their overseas study.

As part of OIC’s support of short-term overseas study programs, the Department offers summer overseas courses targeted at Czech and Polish languages and cultures so that students have more opportunities to get a deeper understanding of the area.

In addition to courses overseas, our students always take enthusiastic participation in other academic and service-based activities abroad.

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